I like to comment on a letter to the editor by John Young in The Express on March 22 titled “Backbone.”

It is quite apparent that Mr. Young is another Trump hater from the rhetoric in his letter and is accusing President as being a coward and spineless.

Well Mr. Young, after living through eight years of someone who I considered a spineless president who kissed up to all of our enemies (Russia included, remember the red reset button?) and paying millions of our tax dollars to nations that chant “death to America,” I say that you have your presidents mixed up when it comes to being “spineless.” Mr. Young mentioned President Trump believing Vladimir Putin over our own entire U.S. intelligent community regarding Russian election interference.

You are correct, Mr. Young, he did take that stance but who in the world with a sound mind wouldn’t in view of the fact that it was Obama’s FBI, CIA, etc. who I believe tried to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton. I guess now with the Mueller report out it’s quite clear President Trump has a strong enough “backbone” to take such a stance knowing that it would not be very popular with most people and especially liberals. But where is your outcry about the fake and made up dossier by Obama’s intel community?

You all didn’t care about that because it is part of your agenda. Mr. Young also went on to mention about President Trump brushing off the murder of that journalist by the leader of Saudi Arabia. Yes President Trump was correct, ‘Bad things do happen.” I’m sure that journalist knew well the enemies he had made. I say he should have taken better measures protect himself, and had his murder took place in the U.S. it would be a different situation.

Mr. Young went even further to try and discredit our president because President Trump took North Korean President Kim Jong Un “at his word” when Kim denied he knew anything about the torture and eventual death of the U.S. student Otto Warmbier.

Mr. Young, would you or anyone here in the U.S. including our President know how prisoners at Gitmo are being treated? My point is that it’s conceivable Kim Jong Un did not know anything about the torture or Otto’s health condition. I don’t believe Kim Jong Un himself made any daily, weekly or monthly visits to whereever all of the foreign prisoners are housed. At the time of the meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un tensions were high over eliminating nuclear missile tests and launches, so perhaps it wasn’t the time to question and pressure Kim about Warmbier. Trump did ask him nonetheless and for the time accepted Kim’s response … for now.

Lastly Mr. Young had to bring up President Trump’s trashing Sen. John McCain. The mainstream media keep questioning our President about McCain even though they already know Trump’s opinion about the late senator. They keep asking so he’ll keep telling them. Just because he is dead doesn’t mean one cannot criticize him.

Mr. Young, find somewhere else to spread your anti-Trump rhetoric because most of us know better. We now have (finally) a president with not only a strong backbone but a lot of heart and love for our country.