Had enough? No. 6


Pine Creek

According to my research, illegals pour into Pennsylvania and Clinton County. It is estimated that a quarter million of them reside in our state. Gangs, violent crime, drugs, opioids, rape, child trafficking, murder and death pour in with them. Illegals ravage our society and drain our resources on the welfare rolls.

The Philadelphia Factor:

A. Philly is a sanctuary city and protects the illegals.

B. Philly has the worst opioid death rate of any city in our nation.

C. Philly is a most powerful Pennsylvania voting block.

D. Philly has 23 Democrat memebers in the Pennsylvania House.

E. Democrats strongly oppose voter I.D. laws.

F. No voter I.D. laws, allows illegals to vote in Philly.

G. This results in Philly retaining its political power.

H. Here in Clinton County we call it “the influx.”

I. It is common knowledge “the influx” comes here from Philly.

Gridlock in our Legislature:

A. The Pennsylvania Legislature can halt Philly as a sanctuary city.

B. Oct. 17, 2016: The Pennsylvania House voted and passed H.B. 1885, an anti-sanctuary bill. The bill stalled out in the senate.

C. Feb. 7, 2017: The Pennsylvania Senate voted and passed S.B. 10, another anti-sanctuary measure. Two years later, the house has yet to vote on the matter.

D. April 3, 2017: Pennsylvania House Bill 28 was introduced, again looking to cut funding to Philly and sanctuaries and to make police non-disclosure policies illegal. It has yet to be voted on.

E. The Republican party has had the majority in the Senate and the House since 2011. They say they want to stop sanctuaries. I say their actions are not consistent with their words.

So while the Legislature is mired in gridlock and Gov. Tom Wolf stands in support of the illegals and sanctuary cities, Clinton County and rural communities across our state continue to be ravaged.

Opioids are an epidemic. Our citizens are losing their lives.

The politicians do nothing.

Had enough?