Which one are you?



Democrats believe in economic equality. They believe that there are groups, such as minorities and women, who are inferior and unable to compete and who need special considerations because of it.

They believe in big government and look to it to solve all of their perceived social and economic problems. They are against capitalism and anyone who is able to follow the American dream and reap the rewards (the rich). They believe their big government ought to take from the wealthy to give to all of the others so people who have no ambition, skill, or vision can benefit from the success of others. Their promise of free stuff is the reason they have their base.

Republicans believe in freedom. Freedom to succeed or fail on your own accord. Freedom to exercise your constitutional rights. Freedom from having your hard earned money taken from you and given to others. They believe in capitalism. They believe charity is a personal mandate, not a forced function of government. They believe in a small government which focuses on a narrowly defined role outlined in the U.S. Constitution. They don’t promise free stuff. They promise equal opportunity, not equal outcome regardless of talent and effort.

Libertarians and Independents are a hodgepodge of different ideas. In my experience, over the past several years, it seems their main focus is on opposing whatever party is in charge at the time.

They view their vote for candidates that have no chance of winning as a noble exercise and claim moral superiority because of it.

They tend to lash out at both of the major parties and claim tribalism because members of those parties believe in the core positions of their respective parties.

They’re hard to pin down because they change their stance so often.

So in which group are you?