So, President Donald J. Trump spoke at a rally in Lycoming County. As I watched some news clips of that speech, I thought of what people most admire about Trump. Is it the Donald Trump who keeps saying the Chinese are filling “our coffers” with billions of dollars via new tariffs? When in reality it is the American public, you and I, who end up paying higher prices on imports. It’s a tax increase to us!

Is it the Donald Trump who is contemplating putting tariffs on foreign automobiles based on a flimsy excuse that it is for “national security?” So, he wants to punish Toyota and others. Toyota has spent over $60 billion in the United States. Through their network of dealers, manufacturing facilities, and parts suppliers, they employ over 450,000 people in the United States. And I thought al Qaeda was a security threat, not Toyota.

Is it the Donald Trump whose factless tweets about tariffs move the stock market up and down and effect your savings and investments? These tweets serve no purpose other than to somehow serve his narcissistic need to move markets and somehow satisfy his manhood.

Is it the Donald Trump who is quietly siphoning money out of the defense budget to pay for his wall?

Is it the Donald Trump who has helped Russian oligarchs and mobsters launder money and boost the Trump businesses by selling property for three or four times their worth? Is it the Donald Trump who is afraid to release his tax returns that would show the influx of Russian money to him? Is it the Donald Trump who is nothing but a grifter, a con man who is running the “Big Con” on his supporters? Just ask those people who lost money trusting Trump University. Or foolishly donated to the defunct Trump Foundation.

Is it the Donald Trump who publicly denigrates public servants who choose not to break the law on his behalf (Don McGahn, Christopher Ray)?

Is it the Donald Trump who throws out the you-know-what bomb in private more often than Harry Carey said “holy cow” during Chicago Cubs broadcasts?

Or is it the Donald J Trump that is in politics for nothing other than to promote his business and his name for the future? Yes, this is the Trump that wants to build Trump Towers in Moscow and Riyhad. His motto should not be MAGA. It should be MTGA. America was great before Trump and we will be great after Trump.