Lock Haven

This past week I again noticed a disturbing occurrence at the Lock Haven Post Office. Memorial Day and the Stars and Stripes was NOT flying from the Post Office flagpole.

I do not know if this is the policy of the U.S. Postal Service (I did not check the Castanea or Mill Hall offices) or a union contract issue regarding national holidays.

I have witnessed this failure to display the flag for several years on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day, July 4.

As a veteran, and I’m sure in the eyes of other Clinton County veterans, this failure is disheartening.

It would be appropriate for a government institution to fly the colors on these national days of remembrance.

If this is a work rules issue or a national USPS policy, I offer two suggestions to correct this oversight.

First, contact local veteran groups to raise and lower the colors on these holidays.

Have the USPS provide authorization for this activity to avoid trepass issues.

Second, install a spotlight on the building to illuminate the flag and allow it to fly 24/7.

Use a dusk-to-dawn LED set up to minimize cost and maximize longevity.

I hope this situation can be rectified.