Leave Trump alone



Trump wins again! I knew he was clever, taxing Mexico imports is his way or the highway of saying if you can’t handle your own people, I will.

My, my … why are so many governmental officials upset? Perhaps they have their fingers in the cookie jar?

Boy that’s a big development now, isn’t it? And a real chin tapper too … One that has never alluded me where our government is concerned. That’s why I was a hippie and proud of it!

Maybe Trump can see our government for what we have failed to see for years. Trump is hurting the big shots who have taken advantage of the middle and lower classes forever and we the Americans have paid dearly for years. Don’t kid your self.

In my opinion, Trump has been fighting for our country and he sees what we have failed to see. In my opinion, certain backstabbing minorities who have been elected by us have been laughing the whole way to the bank. Let’s check offshore accounts certain U.S. government officials have?

It’s called dirty politics.

Is Donald trumping them?

We have been struggling for years to take care of ourselves, but how can we?

No jobs and frankly no hope, and worst yet many of the politicians we keep electing year after year in Congress – those who we trust to improve our future and the future of our children have caused me great alarm.

My biggest hope is that Trump gets Congress to pass a bill that any company that wants to start a business or factory in another country stays there. We don’t need them!

Any factory that leaves the USA for a better tax break is a traitor, so far as I’m concerned.

They are not the kind of Americans we want in our country nd maybe we can get jobs back to where we were: Once were the greatest nation in the world. Many of our patriots have spilled their blood to achieve that greatness.

In my opinion, Trump is one of the brightest presidents we have ever had. He is working to bring our hard earned money back into this country, and to keep us out of harm’s way, to keep us safe in our borders and.

I guess to catch a thief you have to think like one.