Cogan Station

I had to chuckle after reading a recent letter that said, “What will we be like if we were to abandon our Christian morals.” I think the writer already abandoned his Christian morals if he voted for Trump. What morals are you talking about?

He told the world how he thinks of women. I believe Trump spews falsehoods daily and has not been honest with many people who worked for him.

He has been sued many times in the past 30 years by glass installers, carpet layers, painters, drywallers, general contracters and — according to my research — even illegals who worked 20-hour days at his party mansion that he would not pay overtime. His move was always, “Sue me. I have more money and lots of lawyers.”

When he did pay them, it was going up the courthouse steps and most of the time it was pennies on the dollar. He would make them sign a disclosure that he would then never sign.

He has impacted hundreds of small businesses.


And as for the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor talking at colleges about legalization of pot, if you would have looked a little closer to the crowd at the visit it appears there were few college-aged people.