New tax feeding PennDOT



All over Pennsylvania volunteer organizations in towns and cities are receiving registered letters sent by their local PennDOT Engineering district threatening legal action and fines for posting the small informational signs we see entering many Pennsylvania towns.

These are the small signs acknowledging the presence of volunteer organizations that help support and conduct charitable efforts in their local communities. Organizations that are managed by unpaid volunteers by the way and benefit each of their communities.

These displays are placed and supervised by the local municipalities as a public service.

I spoke with the local borough office and received the explanation that a permit will be required by PennDOT at the cost of $10 per year.

We have all viewed these signs as we enter our communities, and by in large, they are well done and useful to the local community. I mention this as the letter from PennDOT is being sent under the guise of the Highway Beautification Program.

Sadly, this is not a Beautification effort. This is just another tax grab by the state and PennDOT who wish to collect more money after totally mismanaging the additional 28 cents a gallon tax that was added to our gasoline just a few years ago.

This is doubly sad because Pennsylvania is a laughing stock and subject of many cartoons depicting the poor highway conditions in our state.

Heck, PennDOT can’t even paint the lines on highways every year lately. A really unsafe situation driving in the fog and gloom of winter on many of our Pennsylvania roads. Need I even mention potholes and poor road surfaces throughout the state.

We all drive here and we all pay the tax every time we gas up. Before our representatives enable another regressive tax the citizens should receive a very public and accurate accounting of where the money collected by the recent additional 28 cents a gallon gas tax has gone.

It sure doesn’t seem to have gone into Pennsylvania Highways, which of course was the stated justification for the additional gas tax.

Where did that money go? I wonder if this is a fund shortage or a PennDOT management problem. Either way it deserves the attention of our local elected State Representatives.