Scams and harassment



I am writing about the well-being of all the retired Social Security recipients who are being deliberately harassed, annoyed and tormented 24/7 and most generally near meal time because that is when most senior citizens consume their medications.

Many of these telemarketers and the companies that hire them could care less about the well-being of the millions of retirees who are victims of circumstances every day because our laws are created around the almighty dollar instead of the thousands of elderly Americans who are deliberately ignored by our elected officials. It seems our politicians are more concerned about what benefits them than the elderly of our country.

I do not know of a single retired senior citizen who is one bit happy with the way they are harassed seven days a week by these annoying phone calls.

Are we senior citizens of this country expected to remain silent about how we are being harassed daily over our telephones?

It is forcing us to revert to using words in our vocabulary that have never been printed in any newspaper.

Scams, scams and more scams.

Callers want our Social Security numbers so they can rip us all off.

It’s disgusting behavior.

The 911 Emergency Communications Center in Lycoming County reports there were 58 emergency calls on May 17 and 18. This should only happen in war zones.

Many of these unwanted annoyances are very disturbing, perplexing and unwanted by senior citizens, not to mention everyone else.

Why don’t our laws make it illegal to harass others, including these companies who hire any character who is alive to do their dirty work for them?

I guess the true definition of retirement in this country does not include the elderly whose only income is their monthly Social Security checks.

It is time to wake up America.