Compassion desired



Barbara Irvin’s May 30 letter, “Stopping the freeloading,” was very judgmental and I feel compelled to respond.

The writer seems to think there are a lot of freeloaders living off the system. There may be some slackers out there but most of those receiving disability have serious mental health and medical issues that prevent them from being employable.

You can’t always tell how sick people are just by looking at them. My late husband looked perfectly healthy prior to his fatal heart attack.

A young man I know has been hospitalized dozens of times and needed long-term treatment due to mental health issues. Yes, the brain chemical imbalance and emotional trauma can be as debilitating as cancer or heart disease. This young man has been diagnosed with an illness the doctor has stated could kill him instantly, at any given time, and there’s no known treatment or cure for it. He’s on life-sustaining medication and you’d probably think he could work until you see him cough up blood on a daily basis.

I suggest that you be thankful you are healthy. It would benefit you to learn compassion and understanding toward people who are living with things you think you have a right to sit in judgment of. Develop a daily mantra: “There but for the grace of God go I.”