Extreme poverty increase


Rochester, N.Y.

I would like to see the U.S. Congress pass a new program into law to replace the former “Aid to Families With Dependent Children” program wpassed under FDR in 1935 and abolished in 1996.

Ever since its abolition, there has been a large increase in the number of people (especially children) living in “extreme poverty” (meaning living on less than $2 per day) and “deep poverty” (meaning at a level half of the official poverty line).

It could be paid for by adopting a “National Wealth Tax” of 14.25 percent on all individuals with a net-worth of $10 million and higher, which is exactly what Donald Trump proposed in 1999 before he became what I have always considered to be a fake conservative (but he is, I believe, a master manipulator.

In return for receiving this assistance, all recipients would be responsible for doing some type of volunteer work and/or job training.

Meanwhile, under my heading of “pathetic and laughable,” would someone of national stature (preferably one of the Democratic Party candidates for president in 2020) please tell the people of our country how full of baloney the conservative, right-wing news media is?

The part that I find to be the most pathetic and laughable is how they play all of us and try to pretend that their “think tanks” produce “objective,” “unbiased” and “scientific” research when most of them really are phony and fake propoganda factories-mills funded by corporate billionaires and deca-millionaires who want to abolish all of the social safety-net programs like Social Security and Medicare.