We need to speak out against the unspeakable



On July 13 I opened The Express newspaper showing vandalism at the Fallon Hotel.

As with all vandalism, it was sad.

But as a Jewish American, proud of both heritages, I felt demoralized and shaken and angry when I saw the words “Kill the Jews” and swastikas.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, we should not judge others by the color of their skin (or their faith or country of origin), but by the content their character.

This brings to my mind that state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz refused to denounce the American Guard, the group with whom she had her photo taken in May of this year.

The Express published a letter in its July 11 edition in which the writer said that she was still waiting to meet with the representative about this disturbing issue. The failure to meet with the constituent is also wrong.

Rep. Borowicz refusing to respond to her constituent is disappointing and disheartening, and helps further the belief that hating a minority group is acceptable.

The Bible commands us to love our neighbor as ourself, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and to leave parts of the fields unpicked so there is food for the poor.

The crime at the Fallon is a hate crime and needs to be investigated as such.

Rep. Borowicz needs to step up and represent all of her constituents, including those who disagree with her.

And, we need to speak out against the unspeakable because these mean and hateful actions are wrong.