Who is to blame?



Have you wondered why, in the past two decades, school shootings, crime, bullying, teenage pregnancy and abortion are on the rise in the United States? I have three reasons: Atheists took religion out of schools; Hollywood and parents. One person went to court and took religion out of schools, and now we have more bullying, school shootings and suicides than ever before.

Hollywood glorifies drug abuse, sex and violence in most of the movies and TV shows coming out. Even kids’ movies have some adult content in them like playing popular teenage music.

Parents, I believe, aren’t teaching their children to respect their bodies or other people, plus kids are having kids when they themselves don’t have a clue of how to raise them or know the responsibility of having a child. Parents aren’t monitoring what their kids are watching on television or what video games they are playing.

Since 1995, our country has gone downhill. One atheist decided religion has no place in school or society, but one person can change the future of this country for the good. Even if kids aren’t religious, just stand there in silence while others are silently praying. Networks need to put adult television shows and movies on later in the night. Parents need monitor their kids’ shows and video games, and set examples for their kids’ behavior.