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Deflategate vs. Jackie Robinson West: Pros take softer hit for rule-breaking

May 16, 2015 By JOHN KASS I'm not much of a Tom Brady hater or a New England Patriots detester, but it's clear the haters have lined up to vent their spleens. more »»

Bible digest

May 16, 2015 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is your neighbor’. more »»

Painting the town

May 16, 2015 By LAKESHIA KNARR As the year chugs on, so do events at The Station Gallery, home of the Clinton County Arts Counci. more »»

The 4-H Program needs everyone’s support

May 16, 2015 The 4-H program in Clinton County needs YOUR help. “How?” you might be asking, and “Why?” I’ll get to that in a moment. more »»

With apologies to Glen Union

May 16, 2015 It’s really no surprise to anyone that I get a little smart-alecky in my columns sometime. more »»

Freedom of speech with no ‘buts’ attached

May 15, 2015 By RAHN FORNEY I take my freedom of speech straight up — no mixers; no chasers; not shaken; not stirred. more »»

Reduce Legislature’s size

May 14, 2015 California has nearly 39 million people, making it the nation’s most populous state by a fat 12 million. It has 120 members in its legislature. Texas is No. more »»

Pa. lawmakers say legislation would save parents from child-care benefits ‘cliff’

May 14, 2015 By ANDREW STAUB Most working parents with children in day care would welcome a raise. more »»

Taxpayers can now track expenses

May 14, 2015 By RACHEL MARTIN Transparency has gotten more clickable, as Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that his cabinet officials’ expenses are now online. more »»

Retirement? Dream on

May 13, 2015 By JOHN GRIMALDI America’s workers are too busy looking for jobs to think much about the prospects of retiring. more »»

Vote ... for all our sakes

May 12, 2015 Voter turnout has been increasingly suppressed for several reasons, but first among them is our having to put up with the continual negative political ads in our daily lives. more »»

A life that mattered

May 12, 2015 By WALTER BRASCH Michael Blake died just over a week ago. You probably don’t know the name. You probably don’t know about his life. You probably don’t know most of what he wrote. more »»

Why so long? Meaningful steps toward clean water take decades

May 11, 2015 By TOM HORTON The Bay Journal The Bay just got an important “win,” with Maryland’s agreement to end the spreading of poultry manure across sections of its Eastern Shore. more »»

Free trade agreement opposed

May 11, 2015 By HAROLD PEASE Many are still ignorant of the coming to fruition, after a decade of numerous secret meetings, a huge trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, first initiated... more »»

More like Baltimore’s ‘Mother Graham’ could help to turn this nation around

May 9, 2015 Three cheers for the Baltimore mommy who was slapping and whipping the heck out of her son. more »»

Mom of the year ... not

May 9, 2015 Toya Graham is the mom who beat her teenage son during the Baltimore riots. The video of her went viral and many of us would like to give her a mother-of-year award. more »»

It’s finals week! Don’t stress ... but most students do

May 7, 2015 By STEPHEN BENNETT A study of 2,000, final-year undergraduate college students in the United States found that 64 percent are worried that stress and anxiety are creating performance issues that are... more »»

Damage done by ‘No Child Left Behind’

May 7, 2015 By GERALD CIERPILOWSKI For the comments below, I have drawn heavily on a report from the National Educational Policy Center entitled, “Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act:... more »»

On education spending in Pa.

May 7, 2015 During last year’s campaign for governor, we heard much debate and publicity about spending on education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Now, in his budget proposal, Gov. more »»



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