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Applause, Applause!

February 6, 2016 Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause. more »»

Has your telephone number been spoofed?

February 6, 2016 KAREN STONE North Bend If you are seeing your own telephone number and your name showing up on your caller ID, your phone number has been spoofed. more »»

Glenn Thompson: Statesman vs. Politician

February 5, 2016 DENNIS PACKER Blanchard “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman thinks about the next generation. more »»

Ya just can’t trust ‘em

February 5, 2016 STEPHEN POORMAN Lock Haven Some may believe I’m negative regarding our fair, or unfair, Lock Haven city government. We recently shredded thousands of files after restricting my consulting practice. more »»

My thoughts

February 3, 2016 REBECCA LOGAN Williamsport I am proud to be an American. I also have experienced the privilege of living outside the U.S.A. more »»


February 3, 2016 WILLIAM L. EMICK Williamsport Hoplophobia: Gun Fear! The phobia described by Alan Korwin, author of “Gun Laws of America,” and Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., as the most dangerous of the 100 phobias. more »»

Amazing poll question

February 3, 2016 DAVID BROSS Cogan Station Donald Trump said that he could shoot someone and not lose a vot. more »»

Have a positive impact

February 2, 2016 By GLENN THOMPSON Howard On Jan. 18th, I officially launched my 2016 re-election campaign to earn your vote and serve as your voice in Washington. more »»

Central Mountain football

January 30, 2016 The athletic committee and the school board of Keystone Central School District will soon decide on a new, varsity head football coach for Central Mountain High School. more »»

Laws need changed

January 30, 2016 I believe it is time for a change to the severely outdated laws regarding divorce and spousal support/alimony pendente lite. more »»

The true definition of arms

January 28, 2016 WELDON C. COHICK JR. Linden It seems like everyone has the answer (so they think) as to how to control or eliminate the fatal shootings on the streets of Williamsport. Handguns are doing the killings. more »»

Thanks to Gurden Dietz

January 26, 2016 HARLAN BERGER McElhattan Gurden Dietz not only served in World War II (Nov. 30 Lives Behind the Banners Express story), he kept alive the memory of other Clinton Countians of that time. more »»

Gunboat diplomacy

January 26, 2016 PAUL EVERLY Mackeyville Apparently, we (the United States) are very slow learners. Back in the early 1800s, we were victims of a group of pirates (Tripoli, Barbary Coast — all Muslims). more »»

Sarah Failin’

January 26, 2016 HANK MOODY Williamsport This hysterical diva’s recent stump speech for Donald Trump really speaks volumes. more »»

Applause, Applause!

January 23, 2016 Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause. more »»

We can’t afford not to

January 21, 2016 CANDY GORE Mill Hall As I take the trash out for the third time this month, I can’t help but be sad that I again have to put perfectly good glass in with my refuse. more »»

It is possible!

January 21, 2016 KATHY PETER Flemington Who is willing to see this through? This is something that Clinton County’s people have been longing for, for a long ... more »»

Republicans must unify

January 21, 2016 MICHAEL STRAW State College Unity is needed if Republicans want to have a true Republican to represent them as their presidential nominee. Most say that Donald Trump leads all the polls. more »»

Do not take on unaffordable college loan debt

January 19, 2016 DON SHADE South Williamsport Since the Reagan years, each president’s State of the Union address has included a call for making a college education more affordable. more »»

Our communities are called to worship

January 16, 2016 Assembly of God JERSEY SHORE AREA Main Street, Antes Fort Richard Jones, pastor Worship 10:30 a.m. MILL HALL Echo Hope Assembly 320 Hogan Blvd., Craig Cross, pastor Fellowship 9:30 a.m., worship 10 a. more »»



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