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Unfair and unjust

August 9, 2014 WELDON C. COHICK JR. more »»

Not fair at all

August 9, 2014 GREG MANCINI Lock Haven My complaint is about UGI. Last fall, UGI dug up the ground between our sidewalk and the street. more »»

Futile arithmetic

August 5, 2014 RICHARD MORRIS Lock Haven Both Professor Greg Walker and Mr. Jeff Johns claim to be able to tell you how much undocumented immigrants contribute to (Walker) or take from (Johns) the U.S. economy. more »»

Still shaking my head

August 5, 2014 STEVE HINMAN Mill Hall Just read the Associated Press article about one of our Pennsylvania senators that took three of his assistants to Colorado, at taxpayer expense, to sample marijuana. more »»

Have we just heard

August 5, 2014 JANE REED Avis Have we just heard about God or have we met him? Have we just heard or have we connected? Have we heard about his sacrificial love or have we experienced it? Has He filled our... more »»

Have we just heard?

August 2, 2014 JANE REED Avis Have we just heard about God or have we met him? Have we just heard or have we connected? Have we heard about his sacrificial love or have we experienced it? Has He filled our... more »»

Not so foolish

August 2, 2014 JEFF JOHNS Avis I read with great interest Lock Haven University Sociology Professor Greg Walker’s recent column entitled, “Fools about immigrants. more »»


August 2, 2014 Showers and thunderstorms are possible today with a 50 percent chance of precipitation. Otherwise, mostly cloudy skies are forecast with a high near 80. more »»

Failed president

July 31, 2014 ED EMEL Bellefonte President Obama won in 2008 by 52.9 percent of the vote. That’s considered a landslide in presidential elections. The majority of the American people believed in what he said. more »»

Wise up, America

July 29, 2014 DONALD L. ROBINSON Howard I also read the article that appeared on the front page of The Express on July 12, 2014. more »»

‘May God Enlighten Us’

July 29, 2014 SARAH R. DUTTERA Howard Recently, readers of The Express were “enlightened” to one view of same-sex marriage by Pastor Robert Maurer in his letter, “May God Save Us. more »»

Three-second rule

July 29, 2014 STEVE HINMAN Mill Hall Since when did they change the three-second rule for safe following distance on the road? So it is OK to pass through a traffic light three seconds after it turns red? ... more »»

Applause, Applause!

July 26, 2014 Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause. July 14th started out just like any other Monday. more »»

Completely distasteful

July 26, 2014 SHELBY FOLMAR Jersey Shore As a 22-year-old straight woman, I must say I am genuinely disgusted by some of the letters to the editor I have been reading lately. more »»

Live as you see fit

July 26, 2014 LEE A. MIX Lock Haven Dear Reverend: I certainly appreciate your right to worship and live as you see fit. In the United States, we have a Constitutional right to freedom of religion. more »»

Reason save us

July 26, 2014 TIMOTHY HAVENER Lock Haven Dear Pastor Robert Maurer, I agree that there is a threat to our nation and this world. more »»

Solve our own problems

July 26, 2014 SHARON GALBRAITH Beech Creek In his viewpoint column of July 17 in The Express, Mr. Sheldon Richman’s request to accept anyone who wants to come to America illegally should be able to sta. more »»

Give teens a better story

July 23, 2014 JOSHUA BOWER Mill Hall I admire The Express for focusing the community’s attention on drug addiction and abuse in our region. It is an issue in our community that has been ignored for far too long. more »»

Democrats vs. Republicans

July 23, 2014 SHARON GALBRAITH Beech Creek This is not what our politicians are supposed to be doing. They are supposed to work for the good of the country, not for personal gain. more »»

May God save us

July 23, 2014 Pastor Robert Maurer Marsh Creek I read the article entitled, “Local women wed after landmark court decision,” in the weekender Express on July 12. more »»



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