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‘Hall of Fame’ stadium

May 20, 2008
WILLIAM L. McGILL — Williamsport
I recently learned Central Mountain High School wishes to name their its sports complex for Don Malinak, the former coach of Lock Haven High School. This huge school was built by combining three good area schools: Bald Eagle-Nittany, Sugar Valley and Lock Haven. As an alumni of Bald Eagle-Nittany Class of 1975, I find this move disturbing. BEN was very rich in its own school traditions and had a coach who is a high school legend. That coach is Walt Diehl.

It bothered me when the school, which was built in the former “Bald Eagle-Nittany” jointure area, decided to name the mascot the “Wildcats.” This name was very close to the original “Bobcat” name of Lock Haven High School. Then officials announced the color scheme, and those colors seemed very similar to the “old purple and white” of Lock Haven. BEN was black and white and its motto was the “Panthers.” Sugar Valley was green and white, and were the “Indians.” Still, the mascot reminded me of a “Bobcat.” The decision was made, and life goes on.

However, this attempt to name this complex for a member of that former school isn’t fair to the other two schools that combined with “Lock Haven” to form the Central Mountain High School.

There are better solutions for this complex. Why not name it, “Central Mountain Hall of Fame” stadium. Include in the stadium a “Hall of Fame” area that is dedicated to honoring both of these great coaches and the coaches of all sports, including those from Sugar Valley and its talented sports stars. To me this would provide a rich history of these great schools that came together to form this new era of sports legends.

Those of us who graduated from BEN, Sugar Valley and Lock Haven would be very proud to enter that complex and celebrate the greatness of generations to come.

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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