Bald Eagle loses district championship in OT, 2-1

11/3/16 By Gary M. Baranec BEA's Carson Spence moves in on Everett's Nathaniel Maxwell who was attempting to move the ball upfield during first half action Thursday at Altoona's Mansion park

ALTOONA – They came to play.

It seemed for much of the contest that the Bald Eagles were the team with the higher ranking, controlling possession, using strong-ball control techniques and appearing a step or two faster than their opponent.

But in the end, it was Everett who walked away with a 2-1 victory, becoming the newly-crowned king of the District 6 Class AA field.

“Early on they possessed and that was on us. They weren’t stepping to the ball. We made a few adjustments at halftime and in the second half I really thought we dominated the game up until the first breakdown when they scored,” Bald Eagle coach Jason Bair said. ” But the great thing that is so cool about this team is they never give up. It was pretty obvious everybody thought we were done. The kids knew we weren’t done and they ended up hitting to the back of the net and they ended up hitting to the back of the net and sending it into overtime. They’re devastated right now. They put their heart and soul into it. Everett was a good team and they did a good job. No excuses.”

An overtime goal by the Warriors Dustin Mallow ended the Eagles season.

With just 28-ticks left, Mallow gave his team the win.

After 30 minutes of scoreless action, the game began to heat up and the match’s intensity increased by the minute.

With 8:45 left, Everett’s Mason Cessna caught the upper-top of the Bald Eagle goal to put his team on top 1-0.

It looked as if Everett would put the game away as the game ticked away to under three minutes.

But a very determined Joey Gates kept the Eagles season alive, if not for just an overtime period.

In a scoreless first half, Bald Eagle led off the contest with the first possession.

But the drive didn’t last long as the two teams went into a back-and-forth possession combination from the start.

As both teams were trying to set its own tempo to the game, the other would quickly turn the other away empty handed.

For the opening 10-minutes there were no shots on goal by either team.

Bald Eagle had its first chance at a goal when Michael Jacob seemed to break loose on a breakaway attempt, only to have the ball pick up speed and head out of bounds.

It was a tough game between the 18s as the match got more increasingly physical as each second ticked off the clock.

Bald Eagle would miss two consecutive runs midway through the half.

Both defenses brought its A-game to the contest.

Despite a tough loss, the Eagles battled to the end and gave the Warriors a game that they won’t soon forget.

Everett 2, BEA 1 (OT)

BEA   0 1 0 -1

EV     0 1 1 – 2


First half


Second half

EV – Mason Cessna

(unassisted, 8:45)

BEA – Joey Gates

(unassisted, 2:28)


EV – Dustin Mallow

(unassisted, :28)

Shot on goal

BEA 11, Everett 16


BEA 1, Everett 2


Joseph Koontz (EV) 6,

Hunter Etters (BEA) 6