The Express will begin regular updates on local athletes competing at the collegiate level beginning next week. Athletes desiring to be included in those regular updates must register. Information on how to do so is as follows:

In an attempt to bring recognition to local high school graduates who are now competing at the collegiate level, an Athletes On Campus feature will be run in Tuesday’s edition of The Express throughout the school year.

In order to ensure the success of this feature, your help is needed. If you are a Central Mountain, Bellefonte Area, Jersey Shore Area, Bald Eagle Area or Bucktail Area graduate or parent of one who is currently participating in an NCAA sanctioned sport and would like to be recognized on a regular basis, we need to hear from you.

First, we need to compile a list of athletes who will be included in this regular feature. In order to assist us with that, the Express sports staff is asking you to email the following information to

-Student athlete’s name

-Student athlete’s year of graduation

-Student athlete’s current college or university

-Student athlete’s sport

Beginning next Sunday, September 10th, and each Sunday throughout the school year, you will be asked to update The Express with current statistics for the season as well as any specifics for the week just completed. That information should be official and sent to