Penn State’s James Franklin sits down to discuss Fiesta Bowl against Washington

UNIVERSITY PARK — Bowl selection Sunday is complete as No. 9 Penn State has officially accepted its invitation to the Fiesta Bowl, set to meet No. 11 Washington December 30 in the 47th Fiesta Bowl.

Nittany Lion head coach James Franklin made rounds Sunday evening on a pair of teleconferences to talk with local and national media members following the announcement.

Earlier this past weekend, Franklin announced a variety of staffing changes, led by the promotion of Ricky Rahne to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. With the position locked up, Franklin noted Rahne will be calling plays at the Fiesta Bowl.

“Ricky is a rising star in the profession. We’ve been together now for a long time, I know Ricky very well personally, I know Ricky’s family very well. I know him professionally, I know how smart he is, I know how passionate he is about this game,” Franklin said.

For Franklin, so much of his decision to promote from within came down to relationships, noting that Rahne had recruited every single one of Penn State’s quarterbacks on the roster, who will have the luxury of a familiar offensive system and coach moving forward.

“I know he’s excited, I know we’re excited. It’s different and what’s great about Ricky is, he’s very comfortable in his skin and although we’re going to keep the offense the same, I want him to take it and run with it and I know he will,” Franklin said.


Franklin also added tight ends coach Tyler Bowen and moved defensive consultant Phil Galiano to special teams coordinator, as well as Josh Gattis to passing game coordinator and Matt Limegrover to run game coordinator. Franklin also added that graduate assistant Mark Dupuis would handle coaching the running backs until Penn State is able to finalize its 10th assistant coach per NCAA rules.

With so many additions and moves, Franklin noted it’s huge the Nittany Lions will have some time to get adjusted as a staff, spending crucial time feeling out different situations as they arise.

One situation of course, and one Franklin mentioned he and his staff discussed today, is where Rahne will call plays from.

“For our players, they are used to having the offensive coordinator on the sideline but at the end of the day, it’s what’s the best thing for Ricky to call the offense, is it the booth or the sideline, we’re working through some of those things right now,” Franklin said.



As one of Penn State’s most frequent bowl destinations, there’s no shortage of historic outings spanning generations of Fiesta Bowl appearances. Perhaps most notably, during the 1986 season, when the Nittany Lions defeated Miami in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl to clinch its second national championship. With a 6-0 record in Fiesta Bowl outings and experience on the west coach in last year’s trip to the Rose Bowl, not much of that matters for Franklin, who’s keeping focused on the present

“I think last years’ experience will help, but once again, it’s truly about the teams that go on the field in 2017 and making sure that we’re prepared and that we execute,” Franklin said.



Washington enters the matchup ranked first in the FBS standings in rushing defense, marking an opponent with a top-ranked statistic Penn State has already seen twice this season.

While Franklin noted he hadn’t yet had a chance to take a look at the Huskies on film, there’s no doubting the challenge.

“It’s a challenge,” Franklin said. “I think those challenges also present opportunities to get better and really test yourself and see how good you are. It’s going to be a tremendous challenge. It’s funny because I read an article about Washington’s defense I thought was really good a couple of weeks ago that I forwarded to all of our coaches about how they play nickel and how they’ve had different guys playing at nickel position.”


– Penn State and Washington last met in the 1983 Aloha Bowl, one of only two meetings between the two teams, with the other dating back to a 1921 trip to Seattle.

– The Nittany Lions are 6-0 in Fiesta Bowl appearances, most recently defeating Texas to cap the 1996 season.



Dec. 25, 1977 – vs. Arizona State (Penn State 42, Arizona State 30)

Dec. 26, 1980 – vs. Ohio State (Penn State 31, Ohio State 19)

Jan. 1, 1982 – vs. USC (Penn State 26, USC 10)

Jan. 2, 1987 – vs. Miami (Penn State 14, Miami 10)

Jan. 1, 1992 – vs. Tennessee (Penn State 42, Tennessee 17)

Jan. 1, 1997 – vs. Texas (Penn State 38, Texas 15)