Jersey Shore seniors end regular season with wins

Pictured from left to right: Calvin Lesser, Emma Butzler, Tyler Wirth, Jacob Bower and Kendra White. The Express congratules JSHS’s Class of 2018! (Photo Provided)

JERSEY SHORE — Jersey Shore High School’s seniors went out on a high note last night as both the boys and girls easily handled visiting Mt. Carmel. Led by seniors Emma Butzler and Kendra White, the girls cruised to a 110 – 47 win, while upperclassmen Tyler Wirth, Calvin Lesser and Jacob Bower prevented Mt. Carmel from scoring in the double digits (95-9).

“Wirth and Bower have only been around for two years and it was just exciting seeing them improve every week,” said head coach Jenna Brooks. “Then we had Lesser that just came out this year. Watching him progress from a 50 freestyle to a 100 was just as exciting. I wish he would have came out sooner in his high school career.”

And Brooks was able to add to her collection of swimmers that are heading to the District IV Championship meet later this month.

“Freshman Hunter Lucas has been real close to making qualifying times in the 100 backstroke,” said Brooks. “In the past few meets, she was less than a half second away. We put her through a little taper the past several days to give her that extra edge and she got it tonight.”

Add Lucas to the list and that brings the total of 13 swimmers moving on to Champs.

Both boys and girls took the top spots in all the individual and relay events. Most of the action for the evening took place for the second spots, especially for the girls. Mt. Carmel was able to capture more than half of those placings in the individual and relay events.

The girls finish the regular season at 10-3 while the boys went 3-9. On the positive for the boys, they were able to stitch together their wins in the last four meets. Next up is the Williamsport Coaches Invitational, a warm-up for the District IV meet.

Jersey Shore vs. Mt. Carmel

February 6, 2018

Jersey Shore High School Pool

JS – Jersey Shore, MC – Mt. Carmel


200 MR: 1. JS (Lucas, H., Keegan, M., Moore, A., O’Connor, J.), 2:25.05; 2. MC (Parker, I., Fiamoncini, M., Picarelli, G., Tamborelli, B.), 2:44.55

200 Free: 1. White, K., JS, 2:37.49; 2. Rhodes, T., MC, 2:47.70; 3. Steinbacher, S., JS, 2:53.74

200 IM: 1. O’Connor, J., JS, 2:47.29; 2. Sorgen, M., 2:56.93; 3. Miller, K., JS, 3:10.95

50 Free: 1. Butzler, E., JS, 28.47; 2. Kane, K., JS, 29.62; 3. Lucas, H., JS, 35.12

100 Fly: 1. Keegan, M., JS, 1:15.03; 2. Green, Q., JS, 1:41.31

100 Free: 1. Butzler, E., JS, 1:00.63; 2. Kane, K., MC, 1:09.57; 3. Moore, A., JS, 1:12.98

400 Free: 1. O’Connor, J., JS, 5:13.17; 2. Picarelli, G., MC, 5:44.71; 3. Bellomo, G., JS, 5:49.52

200 FR: 1. JS (Sorgen, M., Green, Q., Steinbacher,. S., White, K.), 2:13.87; 2. MC (Rhodes, T., Picarelli, G., Miller, K., Kane, K.), 2:13.98

100 Back: 1. Keegan, M., JS, 1:19.37; 2. Lucas, H., JS, 1:21.66; 3. Parker, I., JS, 1:33.88

100 Breast: 1. Moore, A., JS, 1:30.98; 2. Fiamoncini, M., MC, 1:35.77; 3. Steinbacher, S., JS, 1:40.71

400 FR: 1. JS (O’Connor, J., Steinbacher, S., Bellomo, G., Keegan, M.), 4:55.48; 2. JS (Butzler, E., Lucas, H., Shreck, A., Keegan, M.), 4:56.22; 3. MC (Rhodes, T., Miller, K.,Heim, C., Kane, K.), 4:56.22


200 MR: JS (Lesser, C., Berfield, N., Butzler, A., Bower, J.,), 2:33.86

200 Free: 1. Butzler, A., JS, 2:13.12; 2. Berfield, N., JS, 2:17.07

200 IM: 1. Stemler, C., JS, 3:07.22; 2. Mann, B., JS, 3:16.44

50 Free: 1. Worth, G., JS, JS, 30.65; 2. Wirth, T., JS, 32.37; 3. Picarelli, C., JS, 33.02

100 Free: 1. Butzler, A., JS, 1:01.61; 2. Worth, G., JS, 1:08.60; 3. Wirth, T., JS, 1:14.64

400 Free: Berfield, N., JS, 4:53.00; 2. Bower, J., JS, 5:46.83

200 FR: 1. JS (Stemler, C., Butzler, A., Mann, B., Berfield, N.), 1:58.43

100 Back: 1. Bower, J., JS, 1:24.90; 2. Mann, B., JS, 1:28.71; 3. Green, R., MC, 1:33.49

100 Breast: 1. Stemler, C., JS, 1:45.54

400 FR: JS (Worth, G., Lesser, C., Wirth, T., Bower, J.), 5:11.75