Wildcats finish third in regionals, Bald Eagle Area comes in fourth

ALTOONA — The NW Regional High School Wrestling Tournament was held over the weekend, and two local teams had strong showings both finishing in the top five.

Central Mountain finished in the third position with a total of 122.5 points, and Bald Eagle Area came right after in the fourth spot racking in 107.5 points.

Five Wildcats have also qualified for the PIAA state tournament, kicking off this upcoming Thursday in Hershey.

The five in representation of Central Mountain are:

Johnny Shreffler (113 – 2nd Place)

Seth Andrus (132 – 2nd Place)

Logan Long (145 – 3rd Place)

Tanner Weaver (170 – 3rd Place)

Mahlik Houtz (220 – 3rd Place)

In the regionals, 10 out of 11 Wildcats also were able to earn at least two wins. That strong performance is what carried them to a third place finish in a 28-team field with 122.5 points.

Cathedral Prep finished with 189 points, winning the 2018 NW Regional High School Wrestling Championship. Mifflin County finished second with 125.5. Philipsburg-Osceola rounded out the top five with a total of 80. DuBois tied with 80 as well.

The PIAA High School Wrestling State Tournament in Hershey, Pennsylvania begins this Thursday at 4:00 PM at the Giant Center. This is the 81st year that this tournament is being held.

Saturday will be holding championship and consolation bouts — scheduled for 7:00 PM


ALL–Allderdice; A–Altoona; BEA–Bald Eagle Area; B–Bellefonte; BRA–Brashear; CAR–Carrick; CP–Cathedral Prep; CM–Central Mountain; C–Clearfield; D–DuBois; E–Erie; GM–General McLane; H–Hollidaysburg; M–McDowell; MEAD–Meadville; MC–Mifflin County; O–Obama; OC–Oil City; P–Perry; PO–Philipsburg-Osceola; PUNX–Punxsutawney; S–Selinsgrove; SHIK–Shikellamy; SM–St. Marys; SC–State College; W–Warren; WEST–Westinghouse; WILL–Williamsport


1. Cathedral Prep 189

2. Mifflin County 125.5

3. Central Mountain 122.5

4. Bald Eagle Area 107.5

5. Philipsburg-Osceola 80

6. DuBois 80

7. Altoona 75

8. Meadville 63.5

9. Clearfield 61.5

10. McDowell 54.5

11. Selinsgrove 53

12. General McLane 51.5

13. Shikellamy 51

14. State College 44.5

15. Warren 39.5

16. Hollidaysburg 38


106–Sarbo, A, pinned Paropacio, SM, :58; Brest, GM, tech. fall Bryan, PO, 17-2, 5:08

113–Fisher, MC, pinned Tirpak, CP, 5:03; Shreffler, CM, maj. dec. Madigan, W, 10-1

120–Johnson, CP, maj. dec. Chapman, PO, 15-5; Leehan, GM, pinned Ryan, C, 4:43

126–Scott, D, pinned Weitoish, PO, 1:22; Balestrini, SHIK, dec. McKinney, CP, 5-0

132–Boyd, M, dec. Woodrow, D, 2-1; Andrus, CM, pinned Wagner, A, :56

138–Koleno, BEA, pinned Chess, MEAD, 3:38; Ciotti, M, pinned Jones, CAR, 5:19

145–Rigg, BEA, dec. Higgins, CP, 6-4; K. Ho, D, maj. dec. Long, CM, 22-8

152–McClenahan, BEA, maj. dec. Johnson, PO, 10-0; Kibe, MC, pinned N. Rinella, MEAD, 1:08

160–Starocci, CP, dec. Barr, SC, 5-1; Bastian, S, dec. Balas, W, 8-3

170–Becker, SM, dec. Klinger, PO, 8-4; Hidlay, MC, pinned Pulliam, E, 4:31

182–Krieger, SHIK, dec. McCready, H, 6-3; Yates, CP, maj. dec. Bisel, BEA, 14-2

195–McGonigal, C, pinned Anderson, PO, :58; Urbas, SC, pinned Kerner, D, 3:52

220–Schon, S, pinned Todaro, MC, 3:06; McClellan, A, tech. fall Young, S, 16-0, 4:25

285–Morelli, MEAD, dec. Simmers, A, 6-2; Deboe, CP, pinned Edwards, CM, 1:34.



106–Gilham, BEA, dec. Paropacio, SM, 5-2; V. Rinella, MEAD, maj. dec. Bryan, PO, 8-0

113–Tirpak, CP, dec. Leidy, SC, 7-5; Madigan, W, pinned Zartman, SHIK, :57

120–Burk, MC, dec. Chapman, PO, 7-2; Ryan, C, dec. Stewart, B, 4-3

126–Weitoish, PO, dec. Smith, B, 4-0; McKinney, CP, maj. dec. Butterfield, M, 12-4

132–Stark, CP, dec. Woodrow, D, 7-2 OT; Wise, MC, pinned Wagner, A, 4:15

138–Swartz, H, pinned Chess, MEAD, 3:23; Jones, CAR, dec. McClorin, CP, 3-1

145–Higgins, CP, dec. Richner, B, 5-4; LCHAong, CM, dec. Abbott, E, 7-6

152–Johnson, PO, dec. Freeland, C, 7-1; N. Rinella, MEAD, dec. Taylor, CP, 5-2

160–Barr, SC, dec. Corl, CM, 4-3; Wright, C, pinned Balas, W, 3:49

170–Klinger, PO, pinned Nash, WEST, 1:32; Weaver, CM, maj. dec. Pulliam, E, 14-2

182–McCready, H, dec. Krepps, MC, 3-0; Bisel, BEA, maj. dec. Powley, WILL, 10-2

195–Anderson, PO, dec. Riggle, CM, 4-2; Crosby, CP, dec. Kerner, D, 3-2

220–Todaro, MC, pinned Hubler, PO, 1:07; Houtz, CM, dec. Young, SHIK, 4-3

285–Simmers, A, pinned Smith, PO, 1:56; Starr, D, dec. Edwards, CM, 3-2.


106–V. Rinella, MEAD, dec. Gilham, BEA, 7-1

113–Tirpak, CP, dec. Madigan, W, 7-1

120–Burk, MC, dec. Ryan, C, 3-2

126–McKinney, CP, dec. Weitoish, PO, 9-7 OT

132–Stark, CP, dec. Andrus, CM, 3-2

138–Swartz, H, dec. Jones, CAR, 9-3

145–Long, CM, dec. Higgins, CP, 5-1

152–Johnson, PO, maj. dec. N. Rinella, MEAD, 11-2

160–Wright, C, pinned Barr, SC, 2:08

170–Weaver, CM, dec. Klinger, PO, 10-5

182–McCready, H, dec. Bisel, BEA, 5-3 OT

195–Crosby, CP, dec. Anderson, PO, 7-2

220–Houtz, CM, dec. Todaro, MC, 3-1

285–Simmers, A, pinned Starr, D, 2:08.


106–Sarbo, A, pinned Brest, GM, 3:45

113–Fisher, MC, dec. Shreffler, CM, 8-1

120–Johnson, CP, maj. dec. Leehan, GM, 13-3

126–Scott, D, dec. Balestrini, 7-2

132–Boyd, M, dec. Andrus, CM, 3-2

138–Koleno, BEA, dec. Ciotti, M, 5-2

145–K. Ho, D, dec. Rigg, BEA, 9-4

152–McClenahan, BEA, dec. Kibe, MC, 5-1

160–Staroccci, CP, pinned Bastian, S, 3:09

170–Hidlay, MC, tech. fall Becker, SM, 23-8, 4:18

182–Yates, CP, dec. Krieger, SHIK, 11-4

195–Urbas, SC, dec. McGonigal, C, 1-0

220–Schon, S, dec. McClellan, A, 9-3

285–DeBoe, CP, pinned Morelli, MEAD, 1:16.