Got a java head? Some holiday gift ideas for coffee lovers

NEW YORK (AP) — Coffee lovers can also be lovers of other things, clearly, but the true java head surely wouldn’t scoff at a related holiday gift.



A coffee lover AND a tech nerd’s dream come true is rolled into the Ember coffee mug. Smart technology allows it to rapidly cool down your liquid to your desired temperature for up to two hours on the go or hours more when placed on its special coaster. Sleek, black design. Holds 12 ounces. The creation of entrepreneur and coffee lover Clayton Alexander and his Ember team. On pre-order in November. $149.95.



Speaking of technology, the 3D-printing loving folks at offer the Rocket Espresso Cup. By designer Craig S. Kaplan, it’s the little java ship that could in porcelain that’s food, oven and dishwasher safe in a variety of colors, or in white plastic. Hey 1 percenters, you can get one of these printed up in platinum for $150,000. For the rest of us, the plastic is $40 and the porcelain versions $33.17.


Higher end and lower end combination machines are out there, so shop around if you’re on a budget or have a truly dedicated coffee fanatic who’s in search of the ultimate pour but looking to combine. Some have steam wands and brew at the same time. Some are compact. Generally, they take up less space than two or more machines. Look to DeLonghi for some nice ones.