Home found with record radon level

CENTER VALLEY (AP) — The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says a record-breaking amount of radon gas has been detected at a newly constructed home in eastern Pennsylvania.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas caused by the breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks, and is known to cause cancer.

The reading, taken last month in Center Valley, Lehigh County, but publicized only Thursday was more than 1,500 time higher than safe limits, and more than double the highest reading previously found in Pennsylvania.

DEP spokeswoman Cathy Connolly says the radon was found in the same area of Upper Saucon Township where high levels of radon gas were found in 2014, prompting warning letters to 500 nearby residents.

The DEP isn’t sending letters this time, but publicized the reading to encourage Pennsylvanians to test for radon.