Barn Hill Preserve

PHOTO PROVIDED Barn Hill Preserve presenter sharing animals with the students.

On Feb. 5, Central Mountain Middle School students had the opportunity to attend a presentation put on by Barn Hill preserve. Barn Hill Preserve is a program that brings in animal ambassadors for a 45-minute presentation to teach students about different species of animals. Barn Hill brought in animals including lizards, an armadillo, a hedgehog and a baby kangaroo.

Mrs. Onuskanich set up the whole thing in about a month. She reported that the hardest part was, “changing the schedule to make sure everyone got their classes in.”

Mrs. Onuskanich thought it was important to bring more awareness to exotic animals and give students new experiences.”

Many students really enjoyed the experience of all the new animals. Many students learned new facts including Hart Fletcher. He learned that armadillos are bullet resistant.

Jake Weaver said, “Some lizards can drop their tails to survive.

Many kids also had favorite animals but most favored the kangaroo.

Students also had the opportunity to have their picture taken with several of the animals for a small fee. CMMS students really enjoyed the presentation and hope the future holds some similar events.


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