CMMS School Store

PHOTO PROVIDED Some items for sale at the Revolution Rack.

Impact member, Joni Bumbarger had an idea to do something helpful for the students at Central Mountain Middle School so she along with other members of the Impact Group created the Revolution Rack. The Revolution Rack is a school store with a variety of supplies for students. CMMS students can use money or their PBIS points to shop at the Revolution Rack every Thursday during Intervention time. PBIS points are earned for following the school rules.

Seventh grader, Logan Phillips reports that he has been to the Revolution Rack and has gotten lots of cool supplies he needs for school.

Central Mountain teachers, Mrs. Strouse and Mrs. Onuskanich have helped get the store up and running. Both teachers help out as needed.

The Revolution Rack will remain open every Thursday until the end of this school year. The plan is to have it open once per week into next year as well.

(Editor’s note: This article was written prior to the school closure. When schools open up so will The Revolution Rack.)


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