Seventh grade kindness chain

PHOTO PROVIDED From left to right, Jesse Long, Heath Hanley, Kyla Hanley, Payton Fourney, Paige Steinbacher, Collin Ankney, Zander Bower, Jayden Dunlap and Cole Bailey.

The seventh graders at Central Mountain Middle School made kindness chains in the month of December through early January. The students made the chains in Mrs. Boyle’s, Mrs. Proctor’s, and Mrs. Dangle’s ELA classes.

Victoria Guthrie commented that, “Seventh grade made the chains to show that people do kind things.”

Shelbie Lundfelt said, “that the kindness chains were showing acts of kindness that people did.” Overall, the kindness chains are to show the kind things people did.

Some seventh grade students that worked on the project were asked how it influenced them. McKenna Gray said, “It was neat that all these people did all these nice things. It kind of shows the diversity in people.”

Another student, Shelbie Lundfelt, explained how this influenced her. She said, “It showed how people were kind and how kind she was.” She also said it influenced her to be a kinder person.

The idea of a kindness chain came from A Christmas Carol. Jacob Marley, a character in A Christmas Carol, is cursed with a chain reminding him of all of his bad acts throughout the story. The three ELA teachers changed the idea into a chain of kindness instead of a chain of despair to spread positivity throughout CMMS.


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