Miles for May

PHOTO PROVIDED Cole and Zane Cooper on their bikes.

Central Mountain Middle School’s physical education department created the Miles for May challenge due to COVID-19. The challenge was to see if students and teachers could walk from Pennsylvania to San Francisco, California, and back. The challenge lasted the entire month of May. Ms. Kessinger, a physical education teacher at CMMS, headed the challenge.

Ms. Kessinger said the whole purpose for the challenge was “to keep students, faculty and staff moving during the quarantine, to keep students busy with staying healthy.” The students completed 2,495.60 miles. The students who led with the most miles were Zane Cooper, Cole Cooper, Joey McCluskey, Kendell Veltri, Madisyn Wian, Rhys Swift and Logan Myers. Thirty-eight teachers participated and walked a total of 3,172.52 miles. The total number of miles completed by students and staff was 5668.12.

The Miles for May challenge was a success and together, students and staff completed their goal of walking from Pennsylvania to San Francisco, California and back. It is amazing what the faculty, staff and students at CMMS can accomplish when they work hard and work together.


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