Seventh grade food truck project

Beginning April 27th, 7th grade students from Central Mountain Middle School worked on food truck projects. Many students have been accessing the project by getting on the Central Mountain Middle School web page. Some have also been using Schoology to get to the work. It is important for all students to work on the food truck project to continue to keep their minds growing during this Corona Virus quarantine.

The first week of the Food Truck project was ELA focused. Students read and/or watched videos to learn about food trucks. Students were tasked with creating 3 ideas that they felt were most important in starting a food truck business. Students were also asked to create a survey to ask friends and family what food they would like a food truck to offer. 7th graders were required to determine what food their food truck would serve based on the survey results, personal preferences, and talents.

The second week of the project was focused on American Studies. Students were required to watch a video and/or read to learn about the history of food trucks. With this information students had to determine when and where the first food trucks were in the USA and how the purpose of food trucks have changed over time. The second part of the American Studies assignment was to determine where each student would locate their food truck and how they would obtain the necessary permits or licenses. The final assignment for the 2nd week was studying the culture of the food they chose.

The third week of the project was based around math. Students had to think about how their food truck would be funded and where their money to start up would come from. Seventh graders had to plan for their expenses and plan their menu pricing. Prices were determined based on the cost of ingredients. Finally, students had to create a monthly expense sheet.

The next week of the project was the science component. Seventh graders were required to revisit their menu from the first of the project. Knowing the food used in the recipe is critical for the taste that will be achieved. Understanding the biology of both the plants and animals used in the recipes will enhance the cooking ability. Students learned about cells through videos and readings provided by their science teachers. Students were required to make a cell model using one plant and one meat from their menu.

The final week of the project was spent on advertising their food truck. Students were given many options for this advertisement. They were able to create a commercial, a poster, a brochure, a Facebook post, a newspaper article, a Tik Tok, a mock interview, an Instagram post, or a radio commercial.

Jake Weaver, a 7th grader at Central Mountain Middle School, stated “It was easy and I expected more of a challenge!”

“The food truck was quite frustrating for me. I am someone who asks for help frequently so it was very infuriating” said Katelyn Kurutz, another 7th grade student.

The 7th grade students worked hard on their last assignments of the year. From English to science and a little bit more with advertising they finished off their food truck projects, and that’s how this year’s 7th grade class finished their school year.


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