Central Mountain Middle School food drive

Photo Provided Members of the Student SWPBS team are shown with the food donations they collected.

By Adalynn Mckeague

Central Mountain Middle School holds a Food Drive for the Salvation Army every year. Ms. Dangle started the food drive 5 years ago. However, for the last few years Mr. Gill and the Student SWPBS have been in charge of the food drive.

The canned food goes to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army gives the can goods to people and families who are in need.

This year the school goal was to collect 3,000 cans of food. The drive ran from late November through December 14th. The team did not reach the goal of the 3,000 canned goods but did give a lot of food to the Salvation Army!

This project takes a lot of students’ help for it to be successful. Student SWPBS member, Peyton Newlan said, “I wanted to help people in the school and the community.” Eigth grade Student SWPBS team member, Owen Gill said “I wanted to help less fortunate people.”

Seventh grader, Drew Van Gordner thinks there are families that are in need and it is important we support them. Frank Mills, another 7th grade team member thinks we should do this food drive because we need to help each other out.