Club Spotlight: Ski Club

Photo Provided From left to right: Caden Stoner, Devan Mantle, Riley Kennedy, Nate Akeley, and Mya Redmond
Photo Provided From left to right: Kierstyn Reed, Delaney Cohen, and Abigail Sneath

By Jasmine McCulley

and Jaylyn Powers

If you love the cold and the ski slopes Ski Club at CMMS might be for you! The Ski Club is one of many club options for students at CMMS to sign up for. Mr. Laubscher is the CMMS Ski Club advisor. He grew up skiing and has a passion for it. This is why he chooses to advise this club. The club has planned four trips this year; two trips in January and two in February. In order to do these trips the students have to raise money by having fundraisers. One fundraiser the Ski Club is doing is selling Mr. Sticky’s. The weather has a big impact on the skiers. Mr. Laubscher says, “the best time to go skiing is when it just recently snowed.”

Basic equipment includes skis, snowboards, helmets, and most importantly, as Mr. Laubscher would say, “warm clothes.”

Mr. Laubscher also says ” if you don’t own equipment you are able to rent when attending the ski-mills.” The group took a trip to Sawmill on February 25th. It was a cold evening, but the ski club members enjoyed their time on the slopes.


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