Honors Banquet

Photo Provided From left to right: Lily Hendricks, Macey Wagner, Kendalyn Bair, Keely Rohrbach, and Liana Dion

By: Paige Confer and Liana Dion

CMMS’s annual Honors Banquet was held on November 6th for the 7th graders, and November 14th for the 8th graders. The students were awarded for their academic performance from the previous year.

Two hundred thirty one total kids were awarded with a certificate. One hundred forty-nine kids earned High Honor Roll and eighty-two earned Honor Roll.

On the seventh grade night a total of 162 kids were awarded for their successes. Ninety-eight had High Honor Roll and 64 had Honor Roll.

Some of the teachers that attended were, Mrs. O, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Walker, Mr. Williams, Principal, and Mr. Evey, and Assistant Principal, Mr. Peters.

They wanted to recognize the students’ hard work in their classes from the previous year.

The requirements to earn High Honor Roll are an average of 95.5% to 100% in all classes. The requirements for Honor Roll are a 91.5% to a 95.4% average in all classes.


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