Mrs. Dangle’s posters

Photo Provided Students from Ms. Dangle’s Period 1 Honors English class display their writing. From left to right: Emerson Bressler, Annalise Mann, Liana Dion, and Jocelyn Sproat.

By Paige Confer and Liana Dion

Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) writing is a huge focus that Reading and English teachers work on for months prior to the PSSA.

Students are required to write this type of essay on the PSSA each year. Seventh grade teacher, Ms. Donna Dangle created an assignment that would help her students learn how to organize and develop a TDA.

The students worked as teams, to answer their unique question about “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” a Twilight Zone script. After the students were finished with the posters, they were displayed in the 7th grade hallway and in her classroom.

These posters helped students by giving them a visual of the TDA, teaching them parts of the writing through color-coding; i.e., green for topic sentences, yellow and blue for evidence development and quotations from text, and red for conclusions.