Photo Provided Front left to right: Cassidy Martin, Keely Rohrbach, Makenna Stratts, back: Kayleigh Bechdel, Addison Kelley, Madalynn Strouse, Annalise Mann, Maille Fowler, Emma Baker, Brooklynn Bechdel

By Cassidy Martin, Annalise Mann, & Emerson Bressler

November is known as national novel writing month, or NANOWRIMO. NaNoWriMo is an opportunity for young writers across the world to write their own novel.

At Central Mountain Middle School, Mrs.Proctor, a Reading and English teacher, gave 7th graders a chance to come in to her classroom and write a novel during the homeroom period. Mrs. Proctor believes it make students “creative, productive, and feel good.”

The students are as excited about this month, just as much as the teacher. “My friends are there, and it’s an easy work space,” says 7th grader, Addison Kelley. She believes it’s a “good opportunity” for students.

“I think it’s going well,” 7th grader Makenna Stratts stated. “I am hopeful to complete my novel.”

Students try and complete goals along their journey to 50,000 words. At the end of the month all the students got together and shared their novels with each other.

It was a great way to get feedback and ideas for writing.


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