Shoes that Grow

provided by Mr. Mansfield The children in Uganda who benefitted from the shoes are shown.

By Michelle Johnson

and Aubree Ambacher

Mr. Mansfield, Health and PE teacher at CMMS saw a problem and decided to ask the CMMS students to help out.

The problem is that 300 million kids don’t have a pair of shoes that fit them or don’t have any shoes at all.

This causes these kids to suffer from soil-transmitted diseases. Many of these kids live in Uganda. Mr. Mansfield decided to partner up with Penns Valley Advocacy Club to raise funds for these children to be able to have shoes. The Shoe That Grows has a shoe that adjusts and expands 5 sizes and lasts for years.

With shoes, these individuals can attend school more often, be healthier, and more confident. One pair of shoes costs just $15.

A goal of $1620 to shoe 108 students and $425 towards shipping costs was set. Students exceeded the goal and with the help of Penns Valley Advocacy Club, CMMS students were able to send shoes to many kids in Uganda!


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