Chess club

Xander Kemmerer and Charles Kurtz

By Aubree Ambacher

Chess club is a club of skill, technique, and learning. Ethan Fourney and Matthew Mantie play chess because they picked up the hobby because of a loved one or friend. Who wins more between these two? Matthew wins more because he has more strategies against Ethan. The most common strategy they use is when Matthew and Ethan put their board pieces along the edge so they can’t get out.

Mr. Meeker is the advisor for the Chess Club. Mr. Meeker’s dad always played checkers with him and then got him into chess. He says, “It creates conservation between two different people.”

Mr. Meeker also wants kids to have fun while playing chess. Chess Club meets on Club days 2 and 4 in Mr. Meeker’s classroom. There are 24 members in the chess club. and Ethan both say, “Chess is fun and we love the game.”

The game of chess has skill, technique, and learning. Chess Club is a favorite among many at CMMS.


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