CMMS is too good for drugs

PHOTO PROVIDED A group of students as they complete one of the activities in the program.

By-Cassidy Martin & Dakota Geyer-Burd

Central Mountain’s 7th graders are participating in a health program, “Too Good For Drugs.” The program teaches students about decision-making, communication, and life skills. A 7th grade student Abigail McElwain says, “Too Good for Drugs encourages people to be better people.”

The program takes place in the 7th grade health rooms. “Too Good for Drugs” is a 10-lesson program that allows the students to interact with friends and teachers. The 7th grade health teachers teach the class, but Mr. Lodek and Miss K’s health classes have three guest speakers teaching the program.

Many students think this program is very helpful. When in class, they do different activities including acting skits, quizzes, games, and many more. It is a fun way to learn life lessons.

CMMS has been doing the “Too Good for Drugs” program for about 10 years. Mr. Mansfield reports that our Health/PE Department chooses to do “Too Good for Drugs” because after a point in the school year students get a little weary of listening to the same messages from their teachers, so when outside agencies are brought in it gives a different perspective for students. It makes students take these problems more seriously. These outside agencies give students other opportunities in resources within the community besides teachers to help support their decisions in life. Adalynn McKeague says, “Our school is doing a good job on having our students complete the “Too Good for Drugs” program and should continue for years to come.”


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