Great Kindness Challenge

By Jasmine McCulley & Jaylyn Powers

The Great Kindness Challenge was brought to Central Mountain Middle School. Mrs. O was the lead ambassador of the challenge, along with 20 student ambassadors. The whole school and world was involved in making the halls of their schools a positive environment.

Students at CMMS have been putting handprints with their right hand on the school walls coloring the school with kindness. Why the right hand? Using your right hand is you promising, “to do the right thing and lift others up,” Mrs. O answered.

The Kindness Ambassador’s grab students from their Study Skills every Tuesday and Thursday.

The message Mrs. O has brought to our school is that “kindness matters, pay it forward and to bring out the best in each other.” This challenge changed Mrs. O as a person by “focusing on how much kindness can impact another person.”

The main goal was to promote kindness around the school and to the students and to show students that a little effort can make a huge positive change.

The overall accomplishment from The Great Kindness Challenge is to empower people’s life and find the best in others. Some activities that the kindness challenge does is challenge of the week, spirit day and way much more. This is an international challenge as well. We can all make a difference!


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