Stock Market Challenge

Jocelyn Sproat & Taylor Koch

One of the American Studies teachers at Central Mountain Middle School, Mrs. Sara Strouse, gave her students the opportunity to engage in the society and economy around them by experiencing the stock market and how it works by requiring them to participate in a stock market challenge.

The stock market challenge was an eleven-week challenge that ran from February 11th through April 19th. This challenge helped students learn how to invest their money properly in stocks.

Mrs. Strouse said, “I have never done the stock market challenge. This is my first year.” She went on to say that she does own her own stocks in the real world stock market. She and her husband have money invested for their 3 kids, but does not run her stocks. She has someone do it for her to save time.

Mrs. Strouse’s students used the website howthemarketworks.com to access stocks. Students signed into their accounts. Then they were able to buy parts of a popular stock. Students were given $10,000 to start with to purchase stocks. Once stocks were purchased the students were able to go into the program to see if their particular stocks gained or lost money. Students were able to buy and sell stocks through the time period to keep their money going.

We asked the students in Mrs. Strouse’s classes about the stock market challenge. Abby Zimmerman said, ” The challenge can get frustrating because I just don’t understand it all.” Her favorite part about the stock market challenge was gaining money. Natalie Trate said, ” I like the stock market and competing with my friends.”

Malachi Gottshall said, ” Yes, I do like the stock market challenge and I like the bragging rights as well.”

Madisyn Wian said, ” I do like the stock market and my favorite part of the stock market challenge is stealing everyone else’s money.”

The stock market challenge was a learning experience for all Mrs. Strouse’s students.


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