Trench Ball

PHOTO PROVIDED Pictured at left is Team Krispy Kream. In the back, Teacher sponsor Mr. Lodek, Nate Wian, Elek Fravel, Levi Schlesinger, Thomas Sprague, Brady Myers, Connor Foltz, and Nehemiah Omo-Osagie. Front, Jayden Walker, Stephen Heverly, Garnder Fravel, Gavin Kerstetter, Brock Brungard

By Adalynn Mckeague and Michelle Johnson

The Trench Ball tournament was hosted at Central Mountain Middle School as a reward for the kids. Mrs. Strouse, the organizer of the tournament, said, “We planned the tournament because we wanted a new and fun way to reward the kids, so we chose trench ball”. The school wide team, Mr. Peters, Mr. Gill, Mr. Herron, Dr. Fry, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Strouse, Mr. Meeker, Mrs. O, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Desmond, Mrs. Serafini, and Mrs. Weikel planned the tournament.

The tournament had 18 teams compete. The teams each had to have 12 players and a teacher sponsor. The tournament was bracket style double elimination. The winning team was the Krispy Kreams and in second place was CNP.

When asked why they wanted to play trench ball, Gavin Kerstetter of the Krispy Kreams said, “I wanted to play because I would have fun with my friends, and it reminds of the fun I had in baseball.”

When asked the same question Connor Foltz of Krispy Kreams said, “I like playing trench ball and its fun.”

Team CNP is shown. In the back, Selia Irvin, Kiahna Jones, Delaney Cohen, Tracy Thompson, Angel Wheeler, Kelsey Burrows Out front, Audrey Walker, Hana Styers, Leeah Eisenhower, Tara Mader, Marissa Wheeler, Tori Marquardt.

Tomas Sprague responded by saying, “I enjoy playing trench ball, it’s fun how you get to make your own team and compete against other students”.

When asked about how they did, Traci Thompson of CNP said, “We advanced as far as we did because our team work, hard work, and teacher sponsor.”

“I believe they should do it again. Our team was fun to play with, we worked hard, we believed in ourselves and that’s what caused us to do well,” reported Audrey Walker of CNP.

All CMMS students who participated in the trench ball tournament seemed to truly enjoy it.


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