Williamsport attorneys write chapter in new law book

Pamela L. Shipman
Cliff Rieders

WILLIAMSPORT –The Pennsylvania State University Press has released a monumental text entitled The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania: Life and Law in the Commonwealth, 1684-2017, edited by John J. Hare.

The Table of Contents reads like a who’s who of the most respected and thoughtful attorneys within the Commonwealth. The encyclopedic publication addresses the structure and powers of the Supreme Court, along with many specific areas.

Cliff Rieders and Pamela L. Shipman authored Chapter 18: “Clash of Titans: The Supreme Court and Products Liability.” In this chapter, the two attorneys examined the important battleground of products liability. There are those who argue that products liability should be based upon negligence of the manufacturer, and others who seek to keep the focus on the safety of the product. Rieders and Shipman take the latter approach.

The text is full of interesting stories and vignettes concerning the work of the oldest court in North America. As John Hare observed in the forward, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s “remarkable story has never been told in a comprehensive fashion.” Attorney Hare, through his devotion and hard work, managed to preside over the creation of a truly fine piece of work.

Rieders practices in Williamsport and is a Nationally Board Certified trial lawyer, past president of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, now the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, and a founder of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. Rieders serves as a life member of the American Law Institute, which drafts restatements for consideration by courts throughout the country. The attorney is a published author of many texts and articles.


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