Full Body Fitness grand opening a success

LAURA JAMESON/THE EXPRESS Brian and Lori Hoy cut the ribbon as they open their new gym to the community.



LOCK HAVEN — The parking lot was full to the max last Saturday morning as members of the community gathered to celebrate the grand opening of Full Body Health and Fitness, 501 E. Walnut St.

Full Body Health and Fitness is owned by Brian and Lori Hoy, both of whom have always enjoyed an active lifestyle.

Before the ribbon was cut and the gym officially opened, Clinton County Economic Partnership Tourism Director Julie Brennan said a few words about the Hoys.

LAURA JAMESON/THE EXPRESS Brian Hoy explains and gives a demonstration on one of the machines available at Full Body Gym.

She said she has known Brian since she worked at Hammermill Paper and that he and Lori are hard-working, wonderful individuals.

“If you needed somebody on your team, this is who you’d want,” she said.

Both the Hoys spoke afterward about how they’d always been involved in sports ranging from football to track and field.

A few years ago Brian started to realize his health wasn’t quite like it used to be. So he decided to do something about it.

He cut out sugars and began to work out regularly. He even began helping others as well, something he and his wife are continuing with their newest adventure — owning their own business.

“We were tired of feeling tired so we decided to do something about it,” Lori said.

Now they want to help others feel as good as they do, they said.

After the couple cut the ribbon, Brian gave a tour of the facility, explaining the equipment as he went.

The fitness center is made up of two rooms, one for cardio and weightlifting, and another for group classes such as yoga, spin and Zumba.

Brian explained the majority of the equipment was made in America, specifically equipment by Legend brand which makes up most of the center’s weightlifting equipment.

Each bench has built-in weight racks so members won’t have to walk from one end of the gym to another to collect weight, Brian said.

A surround sound system is installed in the room and televisions line the walls, giving everyone an option for entertainment.

Both rooms are well insulated, and the building has a total of five air-conditioning units to keep it cool. During the tour Brian pointed out the systems were actually turned off to allow air flow but the rooms were still at a cool temperature.

A smoothie bar and lounge area are also available.

Brian and Lori also talked about plans to install mirrors along the walls near the weightlifting equipment to help people keep an eye on their form.

After the tour the couple encouraged everyone to check out the equipment and try a protein smoothy. Informational sheets with membership prices were available and people could sign up right on the spot if they wished.


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