Main Smoke and Vape opens in Lock Haven

CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Main Smoke and Vape, owned by Vinay Patel, has opened at 14 E. Main St. in Lock Haven.



LOCK HAVEN — There’s a new business in downtown Lock Haven.

Main Smoke and Vape, located at 14 E. Main St., recently opened its doors. Owner Vinay Patel believes his shop is unique and a great addition to downtown Lock Haven.

Main Smoke and Vape has a plethora of products for smokers and non-smokers alike. Whether you’re looking for new vape devices, premium cigars, tobacco or pipes, Main Smoke and Vape has it. Owner Vinay Patel is proud of the selection that his shop offers – especially the cigars that will soon be stocked in the store’s humidors.

“We’re going to have premium cigars,” Patel said. “There aren’t a lot of places around where you can get a premium cigar.”

Patel said that he can make custom vape juices for those who have a particular taste in mind. He has a chart that gives examples of different types of combinations.

“We can do a number of combinations,” he said. “They can mix and match them.”

Patel gave the example of peach mixed with lemonade and vanilla bean mixed with coffee. The vape juices can also be made with or without nicotine.

“The customer has that choice,” Patel noted.

Patel believes that vaping has become a popular alternative to cigarettes.

“It’s hard to stop smoking (cigarettes). They try the patch, they try the gum and after a few months they’re back smoking cigarettes. The vaping gives them the feel of smoking without all the harm in the long run,” he said.

There are also cigarettes, chewing tobacco and incense for sale.

If you don’t smoke or vape, not to worry – there’s still something for you. Main Smoke and Vape offers a nice selection of sodas, waters, coffees and candy. Main Smoke and Vape also sells Pennsylvania Lottery tickets “There’s really nowhere downtown to play the (Pennsylvania) lottery. That’s one of the reasons we brought it in.”

Main Smoke and Vape also has four Pennsylvania Skill games, a slot machine-like game that offers cash payouts.

“It’s a different thing,” Patel said of the Pennsylvania Skill machine. “It really takes some skill, it’s not just about luck.”

Main Smoke and Vape is sandwiched between Subway and Dollar General. According to Patel, the location is ideal.

“It’s a good location,” Patel said. “But it needed a lot of work. We’ve been working in here since December. Every single day.”

To purchase products at Main Smoke and Vape, customers must be 18, Patel said.

Main Smoke and Vape is open seven days a week. For more information, stop by or call (570) 858-1812.