Mayes adds screen repair to growing list of services

CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Greg Mayes, shown inside his business at 2765 Eagle Valley Road in Mill Hall, is now repairing cracked cell phones and tablets.



MILL HALL — If you’ve ever dropped your cell phone and cracked the screen, there aren’t many options in Clinton County – until now.

Greg Mayes, owner of After Hours Satellite, has added phone and tablet repair to the many services he offers. Mayes recently took a course in cell phone and tablet repair, so there’s no need to drive to State College or Williamsport to get your screen repaired.

“Most of the repairs we do are either the battery charging port or when somebody drops their phone,” Mayes explained.

Repairs are done on-site and vary in cost, depending on the type of phone or tablet and the severity of the crack.

Mayes started his business back in 1998, offering satellite television service. DirecTV and Dish Network are the two major satellite providers and he still installs those to this day. In recent years, Mayes has added Century Link, Viasat, video surveillance, phone and computer wiring. The newly-added cell phone and tablet service gives Mayes plenty to do.

“That’s the most recent thing we started this year,” Mayes said. “There’s gotten to be a real market for it. In the past (cell phone) providers gave you a phone. Now, they don’t give anyone a phone. If you break it, you need to repair it.”

Mayes recently opened a new retail location at 2765 Eagle Valley Road in Mill Hall – just down the road from Central Mountain High School.

“It’s convenient … it’s small, but it fits our needs,” Mayes said.

According to Mayes, he saw a need in the region for cell phone and tablet repair.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else in Clinton County that does phone and tablet repair,” he said. “There’s different places that do computer repair, but none for tablets and cell phones.”

Still, Mayes said that the big portion of his business is satellite television. He can put a satellite on just about any home or RV, he said.

“It’s still very popular,” Mayes said. “People just want dependable service.”

The Eagle Valley Road location is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For more information about any of the services mentioned, call (570) 726-3088 or 1-877-310-1765 or visit www.ahsat.com.


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