Local supermarkets add online shopping as option

ROXANNE ARETTA/THE EXPRESS Weis trains associates to pick the freshest fruits and vegetables for online orders.

MILL HALL – Online shopping is the newest option for customers at the local Walmart and Weis stores.

Recently, Mill Hall Walmart renovated their store and added an “Online Grocery Pickup” area in the parking lot. Grocery purchases made online are brought directly to customers’ vehicles.

And shoppers who enter the store through the produce side might see the massive pickup tower for electronics, home equipment and other items that have been ordered online. Other online purchases are stocked in or near the tower.

The process is as follows: a customer simply orders online, walks up to the tower and enters their code number or scans the barcode given on their phone, and the tower delivers their order.

If the order is too large to fit in the tower, it’s placed in one of several lock boxes. These boxes automatically unlock to reveal an order whenever a customer scans or enters their code.

E-commerce assistant manager Kyle Frigo said, “The best part is that customers save time. We’ll bring the groceries right out to you.” When asked how popular the online option is, Frigo said, “It’s doing very well.”

The Mill Hall and Lock Haven Weis stores recently started “Weis2Go” as well.

Customers can order online by using their club card from 9 a.m. til 8 p.m.

For same day pickup or delivery, orders must be purchased by 3:30 p.m. Pickup areas are designated at each Weis location. Delivery is contracted through Shipt and costs $10.

There is a minium purchase of $30 for store pickup of Walmart online shopping orders. However, the pickup is free.

At Weis, there’s no minimum, but a fee of $4.95 is applied for purchases under $100.

For both Walmart and Weis, shoppers can pay online or in store.

Weis shopper Tammy Rager said, “I think online shopping and store pickup is great for the elderly and physically disabled. People who have anxieties of being in public can now eat more healthy instead of choosing fast food.”