Full Armor Wellness wants to transform bodies and minds

PHOTO PROVIDED Above, Full Armor Wellness owners, Andy and Jodie Wertz pose with their daughters.

From staff reports

MILL HALL — When you walk through the doors of Full Armor Wellness at 305 Beech Creek Ave., Mill Hall, you are not just walking into a fitness facility, you are walking into a family, according to owners Andy and Jodie Wertz.

In January 2019, Andy and Jodie Wertz went from trainers at Fit Body Boot Camp to becoming owners of Full Armor Wellness. They dissolved the Fit Body franchise and hit the ground running as Full Armor Wellness, LLC. Independent from any franchise, they turned their dream into a reality.

“Our passion is to help change lives and give every member the means to do just that. We strive to provide unrivaled workouts, support, and accountability. To see someone transform their body as well as their mindset is by far the most gratifying thing as a coach and owner,” the couple said.

Each workout is 30 minutes long and you will never have the same workout twice. The workout focuses on muscle confusion, strength and cardio. There are modifications for those who are not able to do certain exercises. Building up your strength and allowing you the ability to do what you are able is key. Many people who are not able to do a “real” push up are within a few weeks doing them with great form. Andy said.

Andy and Jodie are both certified health and life coaches. They have additional programs that focus solely on habit changes as well as nutrition. The 90-day transformation is geared toward understanding your current habits and changing them into healthy habits. The 14-day cleanse will help you to understand how certain foods affect your body specifically, and how to eliminate them.

“We want to see this community healthy and lives changed because of what we do. We can often be heard saying ‘FailureIsNotAnOption’. This is the symbolism of our dedication to each member, showing them that we truly want to see them succeed and strive to reach each and every goal they set,” Jodie said.

What we offer for Free:

∫ Monday 5:30 p.m. — Free Orientation to allow you to check out the facility, meet the trainers, learn

about the equipment, Learn proper form and answer any questions you might have without

jumping right into a workout.

∫ Wednesday 5:30 p.m. — Faith and Fitness, free to the public. We will play upbeat Christian music,

while motivating you through the workout, and end with the Lord’s prayer and a prayer circle.

Our Mission, the couple said, is to help each and every member become the very best version of themselves that they can be. We strive to provide a genuine support system through honestly, integrity, commitment and faith.

“We ensure that our members feel valued, appreciated and encouraged. Our focus is on helping you reach your goals, creating healthy habits, and making positive changes to your body and mind. We are committed to bringing you unrivaled workouts, maintaining a judgement free facility, and setting you up for success every single day. God is always at the forefront in everything we do. He is the foundation in which we were built. Similar to a spiritual warrior, who needs armor to fight against the attacks of darkness, we too need that armor to be victorious in our daily lives and habits. We encourage others to join us in our prayer circle after each workout. We would hope that, by our faith, everyone can put on the Full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20),” they said.

The couple says, “At Full Armor Wellness, we aren’t just “Fitness,” we are family. We want to see people change their lives and become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.”


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