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Photo provided Mid-Atlantic Marketing Group owner Michael Frank looks at one of the local websites he designed and helps manage.

In today’s world, a business isn’t really on the map unless they have a website. But most small businesses don’t have the time or the knowledge to develop, let alone maintain, a web presence. The same is true for local governmenat agencies such as townships and boroughs.

Mid-Atlantic Marketing Group is a local company that more and more people are turning to for web development and support, as well as marketing support.

And owner Michael Frank can really relate, because he’s walked in his customers shoes.

“I got started about 10 years ago when our family business (Dotterer Equipment in Mill Hall) had a need for a website,” says Michael.

“Then we started seeing there was a need for other businesses to establish a site and have a web presence. It’s really taken off from there.”

Michael has always had an interest in technology.

“When I was 12 years old, I was programming on a computer,” he says with a laugh. “I’ve always had an interest and was really able to develop my skills when I worked for KCnet.”

Using those skills to successfully market the family business has really honed his practical knowledge, and that real-world know-how is something he now readily shares with his customers.

“We provide web site development, management and hosting, domain management and a full line of other marketing services,” says Michael. “We offer web sites with complete responsive design, so that the site adapts to all devices — whether someone is using a computer, a cell phone or a tablet — for the best viewing experience for the user.”

Mid-Atlantic Marketing Group also provides a full range of analytic reporting to their clients.

“It’s important to be able to show someone details such as how many people visit their website, what time of day users are viewing it, how much time is spent on the site, and which areas of the site are being looked at the most. Based on this information, we can make sure the site is working for your business.”

Until recently, Michael has been on his own growing the business.

He’s now gotten to the point where he’s adding new employees and this fall, there are plans to open an office along Route 64, across the road from Dotterer Equipment.

About 90 percent of Mid-Atlantic Marketing Group’s customer base is small to mid-size businesses, along with local municipalities and nonprofit organizations.

Web support can be full service, where the business sends their information to Michael to put on the site, or Mid-Atlantic can develop sites where the business can go in and make updates to the site on their own.

The company also counsels clients on print, radio and social media advertising. As director of customer relations and marketing at Dotterer Equipment, Michael works regularly with people in each of those marketing arenas.

“I’ve managed some good sized marketing accounts, so when I’m dealing with sales people, that experience helps me work out the best, most effective marketing package for my clients,” says Michael.

Mid-Atlantic Marketing Group’s client base currently includes business, government and organizations in Clinton, Centre and Lycoming counties. Being a web business, Michael says they really could serve anyone, anywhere, but his interest is in supporting customers closer to home.

“We strive to provide an affordable, honest working solution,” says Michael. “Our goal is to become the local marketing expert for businesses.”


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