Wind halts McElhattan McDonald’s from getting an upgrade Thursday

CHRIS MORELLI / THE EXPRESS The new golden arches for the McElhattan McDonald’s remained strapped in on the flatbed as of Thursday after the high wind blocked their installation.

McELHATTAN — The golden arches did not take flight on Thursday.

At the McDonald’s in McElhattan, workers assembled new golden arches and they sat on the back of a flatbed. A crane was at the ready to put the new golden arches into place. Alas, it didn’t happen.

High winds made the job too dangerous for the workers from All Brite Signs and Service. The company, which is based out of Addison, N.Y., travels throughout the East coast repairing and replacing signage for businesses.

“The old light bulbs took tons and tons of electricity. The new LEDs take much less — I don’t know the exact figures. In other words, say it took a dollar a night to light. Now, it takes two or three cents. What a difference it makes,” said one of the All Brite workers who only identified himself as “Bill.”

The McElhattan McDonald’s was just one of the projects on All Brite Signs and Service’s list.

“We’re going to Philly, then Buffalo,” Bill explained. “Wherever there’s work. Gotta go where there’s work.”

The project began earlier this week by taking the old sign down. It was taken down, deconstructed and hauled away. Some parts of the sign were recycled, some went for scrap and other pieces went to the landfill.

The new arches were then assembled.

“We had to build it on site. There are four pieces — two inner arches and two outer arches. It came with five pieces. We put the lenses in (Wednesday) afternoon. It was a full-day job, a lot of work,” Bill said.

His crew had the arches ready to be lifted into place on Thursday, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

“It’s up to the crane operator. He’s the guy calling the shots. We let him do what he’s gotta do. These (wind) gusts have got him nervous. If that (sign) starts swinging … what are you gonna do? Two guys on ropes couldn’t even hold it,” Bill said. “Once you get up there, you have eight large bolts to put through. With wind like this, you aren’t going to get them lined up.”

The smaller arches were replaced as well. They received new bulbs, a fresh coat of yellow paint and new arches.


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