Nittany Minitmart raises $44,969 for local firefighters


STATE COLLEGE — In response to the challenges facing local local volunteer fire fighting companies due to COVID-19 State College based Nittany MinitMart undertook a campaign to try to help.

These volunteer fire fighting organizations rely heavily on fundraisers to help them purchase equipment and supplies to keep us all safe, however, the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have put many of those fundraisers on hold and caused severe shortages of funds. “Nittany MinitMart is a family owned business and we believe it is part of our responsibility to the community to help those who help us,” said Jim Martin, Nittany MinitMart CEO.

Patrons of the stores could purchase a firefighter helmet cut-out for $1 or a fire truck for $10 which were displayed in the stores, Nittany Energy also donated one cent per gallon of fuel purchased and Pennsylvania Skill agreed to match that one cent donation.

Nittany MinitMart also collaborated with many of our vendors including DelGrosso, Pepsi, Clif Bar, Gehl’s, Herr’s, JTM, Hershey, Keebler and Wise to secure additional donations.

“At first we thought we might be able to hit $20,000 if we did well, but the response was overwhelming” said Nicole Masullo, Nittany MinitMart Division Manager.

The fundraiser beat all expectations and raised over double the expected amount.

“We were pleased to be able to step up and help these organizations that we all depend on in so many ways during this unprecedented time” said John Martin, Nittany MinitMart President.


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