The 4-H Program meets where you live

The 4-H Program is a community-based, positive youth development program that is managed by Penn State Extension. But what really keeps the program functioning are our local 4-H Program volunteers.

The Clinton County 4-H Program is home to more than 50 volunteers who help us reach youth through more than a dozen clubs — some of which likely meet where you live!

What does it take to be a 4-H volunteer? Here’s what you need to know:

r The 4-H Program welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds, with different life experiences, and with a wide variety of interests and knowledge. For the safety of our youth participants, our volunteers do undergo a screening process that involves background and reference checks and training. However, the 4-H Program doesn’t discriminate; we encourage all would-be volunteers to apply.

r We know you’re busy. That’s why we try to keep 4-H volunteer training requirements simple — and local. Some training can be carried out online, in the comfort of your home, while other training opportunities are offered locally (often at the Penn State Extension office in Mill Hall).

r We’d love to know more about your interests. Many 4-H volunteers come to our organization because they have a talent, hobby, or skill that they want to share with youth. Woodworking, arts and crafts, quilting? Those are 4-H projects. Shooting sports — from archery to shotgun or muzzleloader? Those are projects also. How about acting? Hiking? Raising and caring for animals from guinea pigs to horses? Those are 4-H projects as well. Chances are that there are 4-H youth out there who would love to learn about your interests with you.

r We’ll meet you where you live. 4-H clubs meet in communities all over Clinton County — at fire halls, places of worship, community centers, and other places. You can be a 4-H volunteer in your community — whether you’re working with Penn State Extension staff to start a new club or offering your services to an existing program in your area.

The 4-H Program is available to youth regardless of race, color, national origin, handicap or disability, or religious creed. The cost to join the program is minimal, and living on a farm or owning any type of animals is not required to join. For more information about the 4-H Program or to learn more about 4-H volunteer opportunities contact me, 4-H educator Kirsten Dubbs, at 570-726-0022 or kdubbs@psu.edu.


Kirsten Dubbs is a 4-H and Youth Development Educator with Penn State Extension in Clinton County.


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